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    • 04/29/2018
    • Richter Park Golf Course
    • 0
    Registration is closed
    • 1 Best Ball of Two – Pick your partner – MUST BE A FULL OR NEW U30 RPMC MEMBER -
    • Register yourself first, then use the "Add Guest" button to enter your partner's information
    • If signing up as a single, please note that in the "Special Request" area of the registration form
    • This event will be flighted based on the number of team entries
    • 90% Handicap
    • Each player plays own ball into hole
    • Record gross scores for both players and best net team score
    • Individual max score is DOUBLE BOGEY NET

    • 05/01/2018
    • 06/30/2018
    • Richter Park Golf Course
    • 35
    Registration is closed

    This is the third year for this event.

    • All entrants must have an established handicap
    • Max team handicap differential is 20 strokes (at 90% handicap) - teams may exceed this but the maximum strokes in a match will not exceed 20.
    • Top 4 teams will share the purse

    TEAM Entry Fee $30.

    Maximum field of 54 two man teams. If less than 54 teams then first teams entered by April 22nd such that the total number of teams is even.

    Teams will be placed into 2 flights by team handicap for the qualifying matches (1 match versus own flight, 1 versus other flight, 1 match against the course) to be played in May and June.  Teams will be randomly assigned opponents for qualifying.

    16 teams will qualify to advance with matches to be competed July - Oct (1 per month).

    Player will compete at 90% of their then current course handicap from the WHITE TEES.

    Players are responsible for arranging their match within the month of each bracket.

    The winner of matches not played will be determined by coin flip.

    • 05/20/2018
    • Richter Park Golf Course
    • 124
    Registration is closed
    • 4 Man Teams - Pick your own or sign up to be assigned to a team
    • Each player will play their own ball
    • Team score will be selected as the best two balls gross & net relative to par over the front and back nines – 1 vs 10, 2 vs 11, 3 vs 13, 4 vs 14 etc
    • Example: Hole #1: 3 & 4 = 7; Hole #10: 4 & 5 = 9 (Hole #1 will be used for the team score)
    • Teams will be flighted based on aggregate team handicap
    • 90% Handicap

    • 06/03/2018
    • Richter Park Golf Course
    • 80
    Registration is closed
    • $15
    • Dinner draft on Friday June 1st @ 6:00pm Cafe on the Green w/ Cash Bar
    • Format: Four man event, 2 scores will count toward the team score with a designated players score on each hole
    • The field will be flighted into A, B, C, D groups
    • Teams will be drafted at the Friday dinner – C’s pick the tee time, then D, A, B
    • Parimutuel bets will be taken after the conclusion of the draft
    • 90% Handicap
    • Each player will play their own ball on every hole
    • For each hole, one player's score will be required to count plus the best ball from the remaining 3 players.
      • C on Holes 1, 5, 9, 13, 17
      • B on Holes 2, 6, 10, 14, 18
      • A on Holes 3, 7, 11, 15
      • D on Holes 4, 8, 12, 16
    • Record GROSS scores for each player on each hole
    • Record Team score GROSS and NET for designate plus best of others
    • MAX Score is Double Bogey Net

    • 07/08/2018
    • Richter Park Golf Course
    • 124
    Registration is closed

    4 Man Teams - Pick your own or sign up to be assigned to a team

    Teams will be flighted based on aggregate team handicap

    90% Handicap

    Holes 1-6
    Best single ball counts

    Holes 7-12
    Best two balls count

    Holes 13-17
    Best three balls count

    Hole 18
    All four balls count

    • 08/04/2018
    • 08/12/2018
    • Richter Park Golf Course
    Registration is closed
    • Open to RPMC members that have participated in at least three RPMC events in 2018 or a combined six events over the past two seasons.

    Entry Fee:    Sign up and $25 Payment online or to Brian G in the Pro Shop.

    Format for Men’s Championship:      

    Medal Qualifying for Match Play rounds -   No handicaps

    • Men’s – 36 Hole qualifying for eight (8) spots in the match play – BLUE TEES.


    Saturday, August 5 – Round 1 Medal Qualifying

    Sunday, August 6 – Round 2 Medal Qualifying                    

    Saturday, August 12 - Quarterfinals (AM) & Semifinals (PM)

    Sunday, August 13 - Finals Match Play for all formats

    Consolation finals for all formats (“no shows” will forfeit prize monies)

    Men’s Medal Tournament for all not playing in the championships

    Tie Breakers:

    Medal Qualifying Tiebreakers will be determined by sudden death playoff as soon as possible after last holes played.

    Match Play matches will go to extra holes immediately starting on the first hole.

    • 08/12/2018
    • Richter Park Golf Course
    Registration is closed

    Individual Medal Play

    Field will be flighted

    • 08/26/2018
    • Richter Park Golf Course
    • 90
    Registration is closed

    Sign up with a partner or as a single to be paired with another player.

    Dinner draft on Friday August 25 @ 6:00pm at Cafe on the Green with Cash Bar. ($15/pp)

    Teams will be drawn randomly to select a tee time or an opposing team.

    Captains will pick their team last.

    Play will consist of 3 formats

    1-6: Scramble

    7-12: Alternate shot

    13-18: Best ball

    Teams winning match win $20

    Teams on winning squad win $15

    • 09/08/2018
    • 09/16/2018
    • Richter Park Golf Course
    • 24
    Registration is closed


    • Full RPMC Member
    • Must have played in three (3) events in current season or combined six (6) in current and prior season
    • Minimum Age 55

    Format for Senior Championship:

    • 18 holes medal play qualifying for seven (7) spots in match play – WHITE TEES - NO HANDICAP ALLOWANCE


    • Saturday, September 8 – 18 holes qualifying round
    • Sunday, September 9 – Quarterfinal matches
    • Saturday, September 15 – Semifinal matches
    • Sunday, September 16 – Finals match

    • 10/14/2018
    • Richter Park Golf Course
    • 120
    Registration is closed
    • Pick your partner or sign up as a single to be paired
    • 2 player semi aggregate
    • Each player plays their own ball into the hole
    • On the front nine – one score is used on the odd holes, two on the even holes
    • On the back nine – two scores are used on the odd holes, one score on the even holes
    • Record Gross Score for each player, team gross and net
    • This event will be flighted based upon the number of entries
    • 10/21/2018
    Registration is closed

    This is the final event of the 2017 season.

    Shotgun start - estimated at 8:00.

    Sign up a playing group (2, 3, or 4 players) or as a single.

    Blind draw teams will be created after the start of play and Stableford scoring will be used.

    Luncheon & Annual meeting to follow at Cafe on the Green. (Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies). No cost to participants for lunch. Cash Bar

Richter Park Men's Club is a non-profit social organization for the purpose of promoting the game of golf through friendly competitions hosted at the renowned Richter Park Golf Course 100 Aunt Hack Rd, Danbury, CT 06811

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