We welcome golfers of all experience levels to join us for our friendly competitions throughout the season.  Memberships are available for participation in all tournaments, handicap only and major events and a discounted rate for new players under 30.

July Notes

Season-Long Match-Play

The Match-Play Bracket has been updated and can be followed all year here.  All teams that have yet to play for the month of July must remember to get those matches done before the end of the month (July 31) or risk a coin toss.  Good luck to all who remain!

Electronic Scoring

We’d like to thank all that have tried the electronic scoring during some of the events.  Your feedback has been helpful, for the most part depending on your carrier you should be able to input scores and see leaderboards throughout the course.  For those with Verizon you are not as fortunate, you should be able to input scores but seeing the leaderboard is troublesome.  We ask that more of you try and do the scores during future events.  If you chose to do so, please remember it is your responsibility to ensure the electronic scoring matches the official paper card.  During the last event there were a couple mistakes in the system that resulted in some incorrect scores being displayed in the results.  We have added some checks and balances because of this but please at the end of the round review the card and electronic scoring for accuracy.

MDK Points

The MDK season long points total is now live and will be updated after every event.  There are a few ways to view the results:  go to and click on the link there under Tee Times & Results;  OR simply go to MDK Points; OR visit ANY event page from the RPMC Event Page and click on results and then select MDK Season Points Total.

Course Etiquette

Over the last couple men’s club events it has been observed that divots aren’t being filled, bunkers are not being raked and ball marks are not being repaired.  Let’s try to do better, it is everyone’s responsibility to help keep the course in good paying condition.  We are very privileged to get premium Sunday tee times throughout the season, in return we should respect the course and do our part.  Best way to think of it, leave the course in better condition than you found it.

RPMC Contact Email 

We encourage all members to communicate to the board by utilizing the Men’s Club general email  Please use this email instead of reaching out to the board members directly.  This will ensure your message is seen by multiple board members and will be addressed in a timely manner.

Golf Genius App

All members should download the Golf Genius app onto their mobile devices.  The free app is available in both Android and Apple app stores.  From the app you can check your tee time, check the leaderboard and do real time electronic scoring.  Once the app is downloaded you can sign in using the main RPMC GGID YQNVFK.  This will take you to the list of all of our planned events, from there you can navigate to any event.

Cancelations / No Shows

As a reminder, all members should be aware of what the short term and no-show cancelation policies are for the men’s club.  Our membership is privileged with receiving priority tee times throughout the season and we should respect and appreciate that by doing our best to honor our commitment to the course when we sign up for events.  We understand life happens but let’s try to keep the churn to a minimum.  If a registration needs to be cancelled or modified prior to the event registration closing, members can perform that action on their own without reaching out to the board.  This can be done by going to the event page, select “Register Now for …” >>> select “Edit Registration” >>> select your name in the drop down >>> select continue.  From there the entire registration can be cancelled or select show player details and modify/cancel the registration as required  >>> check the acknowledge box and hit save.  If changes need to be made after the event registration has closed please email, please understand these changes are subject to the short term/no show cancelation policy.

**please note that additions to a group cannot be made once the event is full.  Any addition once a waitlist has been established will be considered a new registration and be added to the waitlist.**

Course Stewardship

Don Carter will once again be leading an initiative to "give back to the course" rounding up volunteers to fix divots on tee boxes and fairways and repair ball marks on greens.  Unfortunately, on RPMC event days it's apparent that some don't bother to replace their own divots and fix ball marks. Please do your part to maintain the course in the best shape it can be.  Take the sand/seed bottle with you to the fairway and just fix a few ball marks on the green.  Even if your game is off a bit for the day at least feel good about making the course look great!

    2024 Officers

    • Kevin Nadeau - President
    • Chris Wilbur - Vice President
    • Frank Kunst - Treasurer
    • Don Carter - Secretary

    2024 Board Members   

    • Joe Capirichio
    • Taylor Abbott
    • Paul Dinardo
    • Jeton Coma

    Richter Park Men's Club is a non-profit social organization for the purpose of promoting the game of golf through friendly competitions hosted at the renowned Richter Park Golf Course 100 Aunt Hack Rd, Danbury, CT 06811

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