We welcome golfers of all experience levels to join us for our friendly competitions throughout the season.  Memberships are available for participation in all tournaments, handicap only and major events and a discounted rate for new players under 30.

2019 Season News & Notes

Happy New Year RPMC Members!

We hope you're looking forward to the 2019 season and want to share a few bits of news and announce the preliminary schedule of events for the year.

In November Brian Gehan announced that he decided to pursue another opportunity at Crumpin Fox Golf Course in Massachusetts. Brian was a great asset to Richter Park and the men's club providing unwavering support of all our events and accommodating last minute changes.  He will be greatly missed and we wish him all the best.  Perhaps a road trip event will appear in the future?

Moving on up...
Congratulations to Jonathan Pinto as successor Professional. Jonathan will provide continuity of golf course and pro shop operations and we're confident he is capable of filling this role.

Membership Renewals...

  • A couple of changes to membership include a bump to $115 for the Full Membership level.  The Connecticut State Golf Association informed us of an increase in our membership from $22 to $26 per member.
  • For our new younger members, the New Under 30 membership will be honored through the member's 30th birthday.  Hopefully this change will encourage continued membership and participation in the RPMC. 

Tournaments and tweaks...

  •  While the schedule is similar to prior years, some changes to formats will be made.  Notably, the opening event will be a straight scramble (computer drafted teams) and the Lasker will return to a Blue, White, Gold tee (drafted) team scramble.
  • We're striving for a two day Member-Guest Open in September - similar in cost to the Member-Member.
  • 2 Man season long Match Play will continue as in 2018 however entry will be restricted to two man teams (no singles).  2018 team payouts were 1st: 500, 2nd: 300, Consolation: 130. This is a great event and offers new acquaintances across the membership through spirited match play.
  • Download the 2019 schedule

2019 Rules...
We don't need no stinking rules!!!  Oh yes we do and there are several changes for 2019.  Check out the gadget on the upper right for some useful resources for the changes.

Snowbirds and fortunate travelers...
Continue to post your scores when playing in associations/regions observing a year round season

Thank you for your continued support!

Your RPMC Board

Frank Kunst - President
Jesse Greene - Vice President
Peter Walz - Treasurer
Joe Capirichio - Secretary
Tucker Keating
David Lajoie
Russell Lopez
Pete Siecienski

Divots and Ball Marks (in other words…things many ignore but shouldn’t)

Important Renewal Procedures

Here's a quick screencast video to demonstrate the process.
Please follow these steps to renew your membership:

  1. Login using your email address you registered with last year.  If you have never logged in, use the "Forgot Password" link near the sign in box to receive a new password.
  2. After logging in, click View Profile, you will see a message that you are already a member - click on "Edit your member profile".  Review and update your contact information if necessary - do not modify your GHIN or local number.
  3. Confirm or modify your membership level and continue through to payment.
  4. Remember your login information and use it to sign up for events throughout the season.
Gold Tee Player Eligibility for 2019

The RPMC Board reviews various aspects of the club operations and policies and will make changes from time to time.  The policy to allow players to use the Gold Tees was implemented a few years ago to permit maximum participation in our events.  This should be seen as an accommodation for eligible players and not an advantage.  Accordingly, after reviewing results from 2016 and discussion among the Board the eligibility criteria remain:

  • Players of Minimum Age of 65 years
  • GOLD Course Minimum Handicap of 22 (Index of 21.4)

Equitable Stroke Control & Posting Scores

Once in a while during a round, there may be one or two holes that can just make a mess of your scorecard.  If you don't believe it, play in the Danbury Amateur or watch the 8th or 15th holes during the event.   A loose swing here, rinse a ball there, trouble in the bunker, three-jack on the green and all of a sudden it's a big number on the card.

Equitable Stroke Control is a procedure for adjusting your gross score for posting.  This procedure places a maximum on the score recorded for any hole.  First convert your handicap index to the COURSE HANDICAP.  This can be done through the course handicap charts at the golf course, the GHIN app or by the following calculation HcpIndex x Course Tee Slope/113 and round accordingly.  For example, an index of 11.7 converts to a COURSE HANDICAP on the WHITE TEES of 14.  Using ESC for a COURSE HANDICAP of 14 is 7.  So any score higher than a 7 should be reduced to a 7 for posting purposes.

 Course Handicap
Max Score
 9 or less  Double Bogey
 10 through 19 7
20 through 29
 30 through 39
 40 and higher

Tee Times & Results

2019 Rules Changes

Check out some of these sources for an overview of the changes:

2019 Schedule & Info

Upcoming events

04/28/2019 • Richter Park Golf Course
05/01/2019 • Richter Park Golf Course
05/19/2019 • Richter Park Golf Course
06/02/2019 • Richter Park Golf Course

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